split w/ Nak'ay

by Kata Sarka

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Recorded at Endsomberoom Studios April 2011 by Geoff Montgomery. Mastered by Geoff Montgomery November 2011


released November 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Kata Sarka Indianapolis, Indiana

Contact: katasarka9@gmail.com

Kata Sarka is an entity dedicated to wandering the electric path from across the chasm of the Sitra Ahra, re-incarnating fleshless, and wearing the Rings of Saturn as a Halo...Waiting, as a future lodger, in the doorway of the House of Lampblack Illumination. ... more

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Track Name: The Great Dereliction
A funerary call for the dancers of graves
A celebratory psalm, a hymn of destruction
Unto those who have passed long into the earth
What soil has claimed without regret nor prejudice
Now shall spit forth into the sky that which
It had once possessed

Those whose faith still stands though weary
With failing spirit and trembling voice
Will call out to their lord with fear
In great trepidation with hanging head
Shall fail to see what their blindness
And ineptitude has wrought

A great dereliction, an abandonment
Of the physical realms of truth and reason
Of science and flesh
What panic and dread at the unknown
What cowardice at even the fleeting thought
Of nothingness
Has built with richness and grandeur
A false kingdom eternally celebrated in ropes of gold
Such bondage preferred; an abomination!

Fed on the bread of a dogma intangible
thus perpetuating the starvation of knowlege
By that which fantastic fanatacism
Has been created by the minds of men
Such treachery of humankind
Should be punished as betrayal
As treason against mine, ours
And forced with such finality
To see that which is nothingness, inexistence
And meet the true face of immortality
Track Name: Perpetual Stupidity Machine
Assembly line production
Of Aberration and mistake.
Continual cog grind
Of the things most regret.

A workhorse dredging drama.
A time card never punched out.

When will the shift end?
Not till we're all dead!

The subtle forsaken for the gross.
Pounding self loathing
In this crucible of trash culture.

Pour in the bitter fuel
To burn in the belly
Of a Rube Goldberg torture totem:

Perpetual Stupidity Machine...

Looming devourer
Of emotion and sanity
Hatred lodged in the brain
Like an impacted tooth.
Track Name: Being Alive Is Like Being On Fire
Oh how our fingers burn,
Turning to charcoal sticks,
With which we scrawl
Our suicide notes
Across the lid of our cacoons.

We, as cosmic worms
Slither in to sleep, to dream...
In digital...
As we decay, in analog.

Cause Being Alive Is Like Being On Fire...

Metabolic masochism.
Every step into the future...
Every breath into the sky...
Fans the flames of mortality!

Cells spark and scream to cinders.
Organs pump like pistons,
Firing kamikaze bursts,
And immolating
This human combustion engine.